Thursday, August 2, 2012

datang lagi

someway somehow
this little sensitive thing should not be written here
but I have nowhere else to spill this away

dan yang pasti
saya tak maksud nak kecilkan hati ganggu fikiran orang lain
apalagi  menagih simpati

tapi saya harus tulis
supaya saya lega

it just a dream
JUST a common one

it wasn't a nightmare
neither a sweet dream
it just..
makes me fly to the cloud 9
and suddenly
 crash me down to the ground
and I'm broken up to pieces 

wake up with tears
and full of regret 

but who cares?
who knows?
who will give a damn to you?

no one

I hope 
I never know him at the first place

so I will never love him this much
and I'll never hurt this deep

whatever it is
don't hate me
don't judge me wrong

and keep this word
even if I had a chance
I'll do nothing
and i wont take back what i had give away

but just this once
let me say this
let me say it out loud 






*org kata mimpi tu mainan tidur
mimpi buruk tu mainan syaitan
tapi ni bulan puasa syaitan kena ikat
jadi ini apa?
dan satu lagi
this is the low 4 or maybe just 3 band of english
just ignore the grammar errorssss
hati bercelaru tak sempat nak semak kamus or google or ape ape lah

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Anonymous said...

kenapa. awak mimpi apa?