Wednesday, September 12, 2012

you you you, and you.

yes you
just please
don't be like her.
and i know you wont

and you
another you,
i'm okay
i'm not hurting myself
i just wanna be a matured one
and whatever it is
only god knows
how i'm grateful to have a friend like you
who cares and love me that much
and remember this
i love you more

ah you
again, another you :p
i saw you
but i'm not sure you notice me
since i'm covered up with my helmet 
and i was like
'jatuh cinta semula'
boleh gitu?

and lastly ,
stop pretending
the more you said you don't care
the more it shows that you really care
i know you
because i'm a girl, like you

kalau tak terlibat
mohon jangan sibuk terasa

dan kalau terlibat
tak niat pun nak buat anda terasa
ini blog saya
saya tak paksa anda baca :)

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